BOS Development is a real estate development and brokerage firm based in Harlem. BOS creates the spectrum of projects necessary for a vibrant community – including residential, religious, educational, hospitality, and commercial developments.

Bos isn’t
just a development company, but a testament to heritage, community and the human spirit. 

BOS is not your average developer;
it’s a catalyst for change, a beacon of inspiration, and a magnet for innovation.


The seeds of BOS were sown in Bea childhood memories, raised in the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica, where her parents cultivated not only crops but dreams. As a quiet and attentive learner, in her formative years Bea learned intuitively from her parents who were modest home builders and farmers. As she interned with her mother tending to financial books and shouldered with her father nurturing the soil, a powerful synthesis took place within her. The economic disparities of her homeland, the rich tapestry and untapped economic potential of the urban and rural environment, and the desire to mend the fragments of a disjointed world ignited her purpose.


From Wall Street to Harlem, Ms Sibblies has been a recognized trailblazer. After a career with leading financial institutions with senior responsibilities in finance and economic development, BOS Development’s maiden real estate project, 88 Morningside, transformed a long-abandoned church property, breathing new life into the site with a fusion of modern living and hotel-style comforts. This successful condominium project was the embodiment of the tagline that teased, “Is it a home or a destination?”. Parallel to her work as a developer, Bea also co-founded the dynamic merchant organization, Harlem Park to Park, that breathed new life into the local commercial landscape.


Growing from her roots in Jamaica, Bea has built a real estate pipeline anchored in hospitality projects that celebrates refreshing biophilic design and relaxed community living. BOS is debuting its own hotel brand Inn Harlem, a 40 unit extended stay hotel. Located in the heart of Harlem this project celebrates modern, culturally resonant and natural luxury. Also in progress, BOS is co-developing a 225-unit lifestyle hotel, which will be the first hotel in East Harlem and will celebrate the culture of the beloved El Barrio. But this is only the prelude. Other projects include merging modern vertical farming techniques and luxurious agriculture resorts to create unique spaces, with breath-taking experiences, that anchor vibrant communities.